Year 2009

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Cherry Mountain Lodge #50

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W.Bro. John Litte
Front row, Bill Sweet (Treasurer), John Little (W.M.), Matthew Smith (S.D.), Thomas Lister (J.W.), Andrew Corey (J.D.), Back row, Allan Johnson (D, of C.), Ian Little (S.S.), Charles Watson (I.P.M.), Randford Gass (Chaplain), Derek Bradford (J.S.) Not showing is S.W. (Steven Watson), Larry Brown (Secretary), Daniel Lister (I.G.), and Peter Whittaker (Tyler).
Bernice Coburn
Ema Davis
June Jewett
Mertle Little
Delphene MacLean
Ella Olson
Kay Williams
  W.M. John Little open the lodge on December 12, 2009 with the regular officers. Short meeting was planned so that the Widows could be honored with certificates and pins. Past Grand Master Bill Boone was invited to speak to the ladies, of which he did a splendid job of explaining how important the wives were, and that without the support of the ladies there would not be no Fraternity.

    14 Widows were present at the lodge. P.G.M. and the W.M. presented pins to Bernice Coburn, Emma Davis, June Jewett, Myrtle Little, Delphine Maclean, Ella Olson and Kay Williams. Widows not present to receive their pins were Anna Little, Wauneta Pollock, Maria Williams and Isabelle Yeamans.. Other Widows that were present were Pat Hood and Mrs. Allison Knowlton.
    I have included some pictures, however, there were two of us taking pictures, so not everybody was looking at me when I took the picture.
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